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Pet Sitting

Muttley Crew provides professional in-home pet sitting for dogs, cats, farm animals, birds, fish and other small pets. Whether you are gone long hours during the day or out of town for a stay, we are available for your pet sitting needs. Your pets will never have to leave their home just because you do. Your pets will be cared for just as if they are our own.

  • Pet Sitting (up to 2 pets) $15 per visit, Evening Visits (after 5pm) $20
  • Pet Sitting (3 or more pets) $20 per visit, Evening Visits (after 5pm) $25
  • Cat Only Visit $10 per visit, Evening Visits (after 5pm) $15

Pet Sitting includes 30-60 minute visits in your home while you are away or out of town. We will feed your pet per your instructions, clean water bowls and fill water; give your pet plenty of outdoor time whether it’s on a walk or in your fenced in yard. We also scoop and refill litter boxes, take in your mail, take out trash and bring your trash cans in, water plants, and most importantly we spend one on one time with your pet.

Overnight Stay In Your Home

Varies by location. Prices range from $40-$60 per night

**The above list is a general idea of our rates. We have many packages that can be adjusted depending on your financial situation and needs. Please feel free to contact us for a personalized estimate. If you do not see a service listed, please ask.**