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Special Events...

Muttley Crew takes dog celebration to a whole new level. Having a party will leave your guests in amazement. No matter what your budget is, we make your dog's party a memorable one. Along with our event planner, you can choose from a number of different options to create not just a party for your dog, but an event!

Here are just a few of the events Muttley Crew hosts:

  • Birthday Parties-celebrate any age
  • New dog in your life – puppy or newly adopted dog
  • Corporate Party – great way to have your employees enjoy a catered party with their dogs
  • Pride Party – your dog can also join in the festivities and host their own pride party!
  • Breed Specific Party – if you have a pure breed dog or belong to a breed specific club, you can have your next meet up here at Muttley Crew.